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Yes you heard it here second.  The award-winning, critically acclaimed NMTA logo and "No Fives" stickers are back!  Show your Trials pride, support your club!  Stick 'em on your numberplate, toolbox, coffee mug, girlfriend or dog.  Perfect for your neighbor's car, or the 737 that you are taking to Tennessee.  Only $0.50 each, a bargain at 10 times the price!

Available at NMTA events starting May 1st at SanYo.  While you're there, be sure to get an award-winning, critically acclaimed NMTA T-shirt also.  $20, See Hammer in the white Ford Abductor Van!   [biggrin]

Remember, cool kids have NMTA swag!   [cool]   See you at the Trial.   [thumb]

This is the Big Leagues of Buffoonery, son. Try and keep up.
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