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Brian and I for Lowers, and Curtis and Al for Uppers, spent the last two days scouting sections for the April event.  Thank you Curtis for your help in riding some of the Intermediate lines!

Here're some pics to get all you NMTA riders excited about coming out to Gallup on April 7th!  I think Curtis is going to post some also (no pressure, NMTrailBoss...)

The city-owned Gallup OHV Park is a beautiful place to ride and even has free dermabrasion in the spring.

Yep, since this is a new location, there's some clearing to do.

...more clearing to do

A taste of what's to come for Amateur and Intermediate.

And for Novice.

And don't forget Beginner.

Sheesh, that Lower Course Clerk is pushy.  The sections aren't even set yet.

Slaving away under the close oversight of our boss.

Don't worry about the trail going straight up, the loop turns here.

These look like mild-mannered, everyday rocks, don't they?

Here's their alter egos (other side):

They have lips!  and a mustache!!

   Ok, I guess two days of picking sections for the first time was getting to me.

See you in Gallup!

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Originally Posted by tilliejacques
I think Curtis is going to post some also (no pressure, NMTrailBoss...)


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Originally Posted by NMTrailboss

Seriously?  THAT'S your answer???   Joik....

This is the Big Leagues of Buffoonery, son. Try and keep up.

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Gallup NMTA Event Information

Behlings, Big Al and I spent weekend before last out at Gallup scouting and hopefully have 16 fun sections for everyone in Uppers and Lowers! Loops look to be relatively short and a good variety of terrain.

For those that have not been to the Gallup OHV Park before, it is very easy to access off the freeway from the 2nd exit in Gallup (Exit #22).
Take I-40 east to Exit #22 (took just under 2 hours from my house on west side of Albuq.) which is Mivamora Dr.
Turn right to frontage road (Hasler Valley Rd.).
Turn right on Hasler Valley Rd. and follow 1.4 miles to Gallup OHV Park sign on the left.
Turn left on easy dirt road and follow 1.0 mile to park entrance gate and kiosk. Pit area is a few hundred yards further.

Google Map with key locations:

Map Key Locations:
A = Take Exit #22 from I-40 West. Turn right (north) to Hasler Valley Rd.
B = Turn right (East) on Hasler Valley Rd. and follow for approx. 1.4 miles.
C = Turn left on easy dirt road at "Gallup OHV Park" sign. Follow dirt road for approx. 1.0 mile North to park gate and kiosk.
D = Stop and sign (everyone) the waiver form at the OHV Park kiosk.
E = A few yards into the park you will see the MX track on your right. Go ahead to a yellow gate on the left side of the parking area at a bridge across an arroyo. This is the gate to the camping/pit areas. We will use the left or west gate. (Post can be removed in middle of bridge to get large RV's through across bridge). After going through the gate and crossing the bridge, turn right immediately and follow the arroyo to the farthest 2 eastern parking areas.
F = NMTA Camping & Pit areas.

Sign off of Hasler Valley Rd.

Follow this easy dirt road one mile to park entrance kiosk

Gallup OHV Park entrance gate and kiosk. Sign waiver form in left of red box.
MX track is on the right after gate.

Right after entering park, look for the yellow gate on the left (red circle). Center post of gate can be removed to allow access for big trailers or RV's. Turn right to pit area after going through gate and crossing bridge.

This is the pit area with the Hog Back in background. Not exactly Lake Fork, but it will do!

The park is full of very fun ATV width OHV trails that are open to dirt bikes, ATV's or Side X Sides, so if you want to bring another toy out for Saturday, you could have some added fun! They just added 10 new miles of trails to the park including several miles of more technical trails at the north end.

A peek at the trails:

This one is a hoot!

Should be fun to ride some different terrain! Hope to see everyone out there in two weeks!!

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NMTrailBoss sez: "Follow this easy dirt road one mile to park entrance kiosk"

This easy dirt road is sooooo much easier than going into San Yo, or Lake Fork, or  Pecos, your rigs will love it. 


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Well, final update....

All 8 Upper Class sections are set! Took some clearing of brush and rock and a lot of searching, but in a big park, we ended up with a fairly short loop. 3-4 sections are very spectator friendly and within walking distance of the pits, 3 sections on top of the ridge above the pit area and one in a small canyon about 1/2 mile north of the parking area.

The locals seem pretty excited to have a trials event in the Gallup area and are curious to see what trials competition is all about. We were asked at dinner Sunday night if we were with the "trials group" by a waiter! They made a new banner for events at the park with our event first on the list!

Hoping for a decent sized local spectator turnout for our event too!

A little look at the terrain...

Sneak peek of Section 4 (within walking distance of pits)

Section 1 - Rock Crawler Hill!
The people of Gallup OHV Park built this road near the pits as a challenge section for serious jeeps and rock crawlers. We didn't see any reason not to throw ribbon up it! It will be kind of a 'Micket's Gulch' type of section with not many gates...just find a way through the boulders to the top. I'm sure the locals are curious to see how trialers do on the boulders compared to their mega $$ rigs!

Entrance to Section 5 on the ridge top. Yes, I rode many of the Sportsman lines on the XR100 on Monday so no whining! Even cleaned one of them! We need a pit bike class! (Could this thing tackle big guys on TY80's?  Hmmmmmm.....    :-)

The general rock mess known as Section 2! Looks easy, but the dirt is loose!!

Beginning of Section 7

Big Al 'riding in' the EX entrance rock to Section 5.

Al pondering Nate & Sam's line on Section 4.

"There's a Semi line in there somewhere!"  Entrance to Section 4.

That's the preview!

Hope everyone can make it out. Weather looks decent at this point if not a bit 'breezy'! Plenty of trails to ride big dirt bikes on Saturday, so if you got 'em, bring 'em!
See everyone this weekend!!



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oh and more pics here!i=2446094892&k=3Rf8qn9


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Well, to get the Gallup event started off right, we finally had a good TY80 event for 2013! It's been awhile...  and not only was there one, but three TY's to tear it up on!!

Anybody know why two TY's are in the section at the same time? Brewtus clearly doesn't know the rules! Good luck scoring that one Steve! 

Yosemite Sam on the up

Clearly Brewtus understands the two beer minimum to enter this event...

...but JB was busted being one behind the minimum to enter the event so had to take a one beer penalty.

Moooooooo moo!



The Hammer with a strategic dab

Lance...  you fogot something...

What's going on here? 

Facial expression says it all...

A few more stylin' pics...

Where else but the League can you get scored for a 'eight'?....

or a ten???     Good thing he didn't get one more dab...just sayin'.

All said and done, Hammer and Brewtus came out on top!! Awesome ride gents!!! 

Hammer's either doing a victory dance or post ride yoga...your call. 

Konrad: "This is too much stinkin' work!"
Matt: "Yooooouuuuulllllll pay for this Brewtus and Hammer!!!!"

Great show by all of the Team TY League!!

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