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The Roswell worker weekend has been canceled, EXCEPT for the key event organizers for the following reason.

#1 - The Trials Master will not be in Roswell this weekend and will arrive on Monday to complete the remaining markings in the sections and loop. He will need help doing this during the week.
With the Trials Master not there this weekend, there's no point to waste your time coming down. The event organizers will handle a few things in the parking area this weekend.
YOU are more than welcome to come, but we will be limited on things for a large group of people to do.

#2 - A few club members have be in Roswell for the past few months every other weekend since Christmas day preparing. The last few weeks, we have been there every weekend and I think we are in pretty good shape.

#3 - WE NEED YOU, to show up and do your job and score. We can not have this event without your help.

I want to thank the few dedicated club members that have been down there with me preparing for this event. We done more than our share to make this event the best to start out the season.

I'll see all of you there for the event.
Hammer [biggrin]

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Thanks for the update Hammer and all the work you and everyone else has put in for this event. Looking forward to it!!  [thumb]
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